Timang Beach – The Splash of Gods

Timang Beach – The Splash of Gods

Timang Beach in Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta, attracts adventurers with its adrenaline vibes and natural beauty. Therefore, many people goes there for various reasons. You can sightseeing, you can try to do some adventourous move, or take picture there.

Timang lies in Padukuhan Danggolo, Purwodadi, Tepus region about 35 km from Wonosari the Capital District of Gunungkidul. Therefore, you can easily reach the beach from different direction. Moreover, The beach is a secluded and remote destination from the husky busky of city life. 

It is one of the most famous Jogja beach. The beach, the sea, and surroungding are all equally breaktaking. So, it is not a suprise that many people like to go there. This mixture of breezy sand and sharp gravels and huge stones faces Hindia Oceans among other beaches nearby in Jogjakarta, namely Baron, Kukup, Sundak, Krakal, Sepanjang, Indrayanti, Sundak Siung and Pok Tunggal. 

Timang protrude with its outspread white sand and pandan tree alike other beaches, whereas on the west side, steep rocks adjacent to the sea. In this section of the beach lies views of strings large stone or island across that the surrounding community referred to as Panjang Island, Panjang stone and Timang Island.

Harsh life at the Timang Beach

Nothing grow in the rocky steep land. However, high tide with massive waves makes fishing impossible. Natives nearby can only swim to Panjang Island and sell lobster which worth quite a fortune. BUt, that is not the only great thing about the beach.

Coastal native use a simple pully made of woods to get to the other side. So, the pully connected from Timang Island driven with manpower clenches to a rope stretches 200 meters away. All is done collectively. There are three to four man delivering a manmade pulley that fits a weight of 120 kg.

People often associate timang beach gondola accidents. However, the ride is actually quite save. The daily life of locals drew tourist to have a taste of crossing gigantic wave hanging in a structural frame of wood glued by nail. 100 meters above the splashing water constantly touching a fraction of your body transmitting huge adrenaline rush. Therefore, it is relatively safe although it may not.

To Bridge or to Pulley

Gradually more tourists come from far to experience a different experience of beach life. At the entrance travelers can choose their adrenaline activities across the island. This means, either by a pulley or gondola above the wailing waves splashing like monstrous hands. On the other hand, a bridge dangling with rope and wooden steps in narrow line fit for one can be another option. 

After the intense trip crossing the island, visitors will skip another heartbeat to the breathtaking view of the Panjang Island. So, you can say it is quite an adrenaline rushs. The solid high cliffs and the petite hole where lobster hide create another term of a slice of heaven. Moreover, tremendous waves collide with the cliffs will strike any visitors with amazement. 

The slim frail sticks gaps imposed as a fence depict the frugal safety that visitors need to walk with cautious where they wander along the island. The timang beach gondola accident rarely happen. However, you can never be to careful. Just make sure to always listen to the guide’s instructions. 

Cross The Bridge

Another way to arrive at Island is by using a bridge hanging close to the pulley. The surrounding community builds the bridge with the same modest material as the pulley. Besides, blocks of woods bandle with 4 cm diameter of ropes across 200 meters.

The bridge is not any easier choice compared to the pulley. Visitors experience a brief moment of slow-paced pulley moving whereas the bridge can only be crossed with the courage of a step. The rustic bridge and the enormous waves splashing can diminish visitors that come to use it.

The pulley and bridge look like most ordinary means of transport in a rural area of Indonesia. The highlight of the place is the experience crossing it delivers a mesmerizing memory. Travelers choose to take the ride or overpower by fear and left with overlooking remarkable sight. 

Capture The Sight Around Timang Beach

The rare obtrusive Timang Island scenery entice photographers or any photo enthusiast to capture pictures around the area. The ivory sand lies opposite side of the steep slopes. The crystal clear water is far from calm and oftentimes daring coming rough to the seashore. 

Stout trunks of Pandan trees with wide-branch and ringed with many leaf scars are shades in the hot burning day. Enjoying lobster freshly caught a yard away from their habitat in small breezy huts spread along the coastline, accompanied by mouthwatering coconut water a refreshing beach vides.

Opening Hours

The open beach is never closed. The pulley that operates with 3 – 4 men for each side in the total of 7 – 8 men only available from 9 am to 4 pm. A Gatorade ride in a pulley is Rp. 150.000 and a trip crossing the bridge is Rp. 100.000. 


The red sand rustic parking area is a wide open air with a modest sign out of banner tight to trees. Traveler park and continue in a jeep for Rp. 350.000 fit for 4 costumers or solo traveler can choose an Rp. 50.000 ride on a motorbike. The restrooms are small, dark and not well maintained. The natives handle the parking area and charge Rp 5,000 for motorbike and Rp. 10. 000 for cars. It is mandatory for tourist to rent their jeeps or motorbike to reach the destination.

How to Get to Timang Beach

Pantai Timang as the local called it, can be reach by cars from Jogjakarta. The steep and rocky roads take about three hours of driving, depends on your cars and ability to drive in bumpy road. For traveler on budget renting a car from Jogjakarta which shaded fee of Rp.400.000 divided by 4, if the situation meets the bill. 

Other option is taking public transportation by bus routes that have stops nearby are bus Jombor – Prambanan or Kaliurang – Condongcatur with about Rp. 20.000 to spare. Either way, the rocky roads maybe a challenge at first. But, when you get there, all the troble will be all worth it. 

Timang beach is a fantastic place. It may not be your common beach, which is the reason why people goes there. The unconventional way of enjoying a beach can be something worth your time. Getting there can be a challenge, so, make sure you prepare everything. 

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