Nusa Penida Tourism Recommendations With Cool Natural Views

nusa penida tourismnusa penida tourism

There are various choices of Nusa Penida tourism that you can visit when you are already in Bali. Some iconic places like Kelingking Island with its shape in the form of dinosaur-like chunks of rock or its mesmerizing sunsets wherever you look.

Natural and Stunning Nusa Penida Tourism Options

Nusa Penida Bali has a variety of views that are still beautiful and fresh. You can spend time on the beach, go to the mountains or various other interesting spots to be captured as a photo background or visited as an unforgettable experience.

Prepare a camera and various equipment to make your visit to Sama more comfortable. Here are some choices of Intagenic Nusa Penida tours from the southeast of Bali Island.

1. Broken Beach with Stunning Coral Views

Bali has many beaches and all have their own privileges. Broken Beach or Uung Beach is taken from the word collapsed to describe coral abrasion which makes holes in the coral. If usually going to the beach means swimming, you can’t do that at this beach.

The beach is too far and there is no stretch of sand only large outcrops of rock. The waves are also strong and often the wind there is also quite strong. What you can do is enjoy the sunset view and take pictures to capture the thrilling beauty of nature.

2. Raja Lima Bukit Atuh as Bali’s Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is famous for its arrangement of small islands that are close together. Combined with blue beaches, white sand, coral of various shapes and sunsets, this is a tourist destination in Nusa Penida which is often compared to Raja Ampat.

Various natural beauties on Bukit Atuh Nusa Penida are natural tourist objects that are popular with tourists. You can take pictures or just look at the natural beauty with your partner or loved ones.

3. Angel Pool – Angel’s Billabong

Nusa Penida offers many tourist spots that are second to none and can only be found there. One of the unique spots is the Bidadari Pool or often referred to as Angel’s Billabong. Between the rocks in Atuh Hill there is a clear natural pool that can be used for swimming.

Because it is flanked by two large chunks of coral, if you take a photo from a certain angle it will produce magical photos. A pool surrounded by coral provides a swimming experience with a thick exotic atmosphere.

4. Smoky Beach with Special Waves

Going to the beach is not always synonymous with serenity, going to Andus Beach or better known as Smoky Beach will provide a thrilling experience. You are not treated to white sand and a beach where you can swim, but a rock formation with big waves.

The excitement that you can feel is different from the thrilling sensation. Generally, tourists who come will stand on the edge of the rock and wait for the waves to crash to get amazing photos.The waves crashing against the reef create a special splash or a spectacular waterblow. 

If taking pictures is your hobby and you want a different background, finding Smoky beach could be the most appropriate option.

5. Crystal Bay For Divers

Nusa Penida tourism is not always sand beaches and coral beaches. If you go to Klungkung, you will find a legendary underwater tour called Crystal Bay. Being in a sea basin that meets coral makes this tourist attraction rich in flora and fauna.

Therefore, tourists often visit it to enjoy snorkeling or diving with beaches that are relatively shallow. You can relax on the beach or decide to enjoy the amazing underwater natural beauty.

6. Hidden Kaliking Beach

Nusa Penida has a lot of cool areas that are not always easy to get to. Klinking Beach is a hidden beach that is challenging to visit. Open because of its location away from the crowds, sharp coral formations, strong winds make the trip there very physically challenging.

But, when you get there, all the fatigue will be paid off. You will see incredible views hidden behind the sheer cliffs. From a distance you can see the contortions of the coral forming unique formations and also the footpath which has an extraordinary white sand background. To understand its beauty will be easier if you come alone and witness it first hand.

7. Stingrays and Manta Bay

This is a famous tourist destination in Nusa Penida, home to a spectacular underwater habitat with a wide variety of plants and wildlife. The chance to witness stingrays that you may readily discover in this bay is among its noteworthy features.

Your enjoyment of the undersea world has captured the beauty of exotic species as well as coral reefs. Do you want a fun experience? You can try to swim with the manta rays that are frequently seen there.

8.The Famous Yellow Bridge

You may take a speedboat from Bali to Nusa Penida. Little islands within are also accessible by boat, speedboat, or by crossing the Yellow Bridge. An intriguing tourist destination that deserves to be memorialized is the bridge that connects Lembongan Island and Ceningan Island.

Not only because of the bright yellow color, but also because of the two islands’ stunning backdrop of rich vegetation. Visitors frequently stop by this bridge to snap pictures or to visit the island that is on the other side.

These are some of the top places to visit by following a reliable Nusa Penida tourism. Going to the beach, the ocean, or the mountains are just a few of your alternatives. Plan a trip right away to the beautiful island of Nusa Penida.Online booking is available for all preparations, including those for flights, hotels, and other lodgings.Plan your trip to Nusa Penida right now.

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