Relaxing Things to Do in Canggu Beach

There are many things to do in Canggu beach, Bali. The spot is a complete paradise. It gives a different vibe aside from other popular places in Bali. Others tend to be more crowded, bustling, with numerous activities to do like Kuta and Seminyak.

Great Things to Do in Canggu and Surrounding Area

Canggu offers a more calming ambiance where you can just walk on the sand barefoot or catch some waves. You can spend your time and enjoy the sunset with a spread of seafood and coconut drinks. Not just Canggu, there are other great places around it.

Canggu is for everyone that wants simplicity at its finest. The hipster cafe, bars and restaurants give out a chilling atmosphere. Not to mention the white sandy beach which is the best for various activities to enjoy as a couple or family. Here are some relaxing things that you can do in this Paradise on earth. 

Use these recommendations as a brief and easy guide on what to see and what to do in Canggu. There are some comforting activities that can make you more relaxed and enjoy your stay on this Island. Canggu offers many places to see, activities to do and a lot of pictures to take. 

1. Enjoying The Beaches in Canggu

There are multiple beaches, stretching from one end to another. Some are quite famous like the Batu Bolong Beach that attracts many people of Echo Beach that are famous among surfers. You can take out your beach wear, slip on something comfortable and just enjoy the day there. 

2. Watching People and Everything Else

The best thing about Canggu is everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. So, there is nothing wrong with spending time at the beach and just watching people, the clear water with occasional waves. People buying food, surfers catching waves or waiting for the sun to set. It is really calming and even therapeutic staring at the surrounding area and taking everything in. 

3. Surfing Things to Do in Canggu 

Surfing is probably the most adventurous thing you can do in the Canggu beaches. It is always best to start early while you still can enjoy the sunrise and the breezy air. There are less crow and the sun is not too hot. That way, you have more time trying to catch waves and ride them.

Batu Bolong Beach and Berawa Beach are the first and second best spots to surf. For more advanced surfers, you can head out to Echo Beach instead. Not just surfing, for beginner, you can also find some surfing lessons. For advance surfer, there are many gathering on the beach and nearby clubs. You will never be alone there.

4. Admiring The Beautiful Tanah Lot

The Hindu Temple perched atop rock formation is a touristy place to visit. On weekends, the area might be too crowded for someone who wants to go to Canggu to chill. However, the beautiful building also looks amazing from a distance.

Not much of a temple person? No problem. Besides, the temple always has a harmonious and calming atmosphere. You may like to experience it, after going through other people that are heading the same way. So, take your eyes on the surrounding and you will be amazed.

5. Comfort Food and Cooking Class

Indonesia and Bali in particular have a wide range of healthy and vegetarian menus. There are many cooking classes in Canggu that you can sign up with your partners or kids. You will learn some Indonesian and Balinese cuisine. This is something fun to do with your loved ones. 

6. Horse Riding

Have you even pictured going down the Canggu beaches while riding a horse? That is a fantastic experience. There are many horse riding courses that offer short courses on how to ride a horse correctly. Both adults and kids can enjoy adventurous activities together.

7. Enjoying The Black Sand 

Beaches usually have whiter sands. Several places in Bali have dark and black sand. If you want to experience the texture of this dark sand on your foot, just go to Berawa Beach. There are so many relaxing things to do in Canggu. Just enjoy the sand on your feet.

The black sand meets rocky reefs at the back. The place becomes more magical if you look at it that way. You can feel it on your feet. Moreover, when you open your eyes, the view is also breath-taking.

8. Jewelry Making Classes. 

For some people, doing something with their hands can be a calming situation. You can learn various jewelry making methods using various media. You can make your own jewelry and tell all about it to your friends. This is also a good bonding exercise both for you as a couple or as a family.

Relaxing is not all about sleeping or sun bathing. You can be productive at the same time. Let your mind wonder and your hand do all the job. Your creativity will lead you. Moreover, you can bring the jewelry home as a token of good times there. 

9. Watching Sunset

There is nothing more relaxing then watching sunset. You choose a spot, put a blanket and just watch as the sun slowing dissapear from the horizon. A sip of coke or coffee can create a more romantic ambiance. Especially if you enjoy the moment with your loveones.

The list of things to do in Canggu is long and endless. You can simply find one or two that feels right. The Beach offers many calming experiences from watching the sunset to surfing or riding a horse. You may have to choose the right beach and the right activities to get the best of both worlds. 

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